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Angela Green MUA. Beauty Line will be launching soon!

Angela is a client of our "Business Concierge Services" Angela had previously launched her own beauty line, using AAA Universiti for a special project un named at this time. Increasing her brand and cornering the game. Watch out for this young lady that is about to take over the game! 

Thank you Angela!


Tasha B. Owner of Beauty Marked by Tasha

Tasha began working with our "Wholesale Business Concierge Services " at the beginning of the year and has now launched her own Mink eyelash line. Go to our YouTube to see her live video testimonial. Tasha is also a beautician in Greenville, Sc. This young lady had grown her brand from the bottom. Watch her continued progress!

Thank you Tasha!

Miss Irene Owner of EyeReneLashes

Miss Irene uses our "Wholesale Business Concierge Services" and has now launched her own amazing Mink eyelash line. We made sure her experience was effortless and exceptional. Watch Miss Irene's live video testimonial on our YouTube page. This beauty is in line to do big things! Watch out she's next! 


Thank you Miss Irene!

Kano Kingston Owner of Black Market Designs

Kano has been a long time customer of AAA Universiti's "Book Publishing Business Concierge Service" Not only has this gentleman written one book but also has much more in store. The work that has materialized from this client is none other than amazing. Watch our for his work to drop and we will definitely showcase as well. 

Thank you Kano!




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