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Author Samantha Jax



When you grow up in the mean streets of Saginaw, Michigan you learn quickly that it’s a dog eat dog world and the streets ain’t for everybody. Chantey was living proof that it’s hard to live a better life when the one you’re in, taints your every move. Born a bastard child and cared for by a drunk, Chantey could only play the hand that she was dealt. Growing up without a father made it easy for her to extend her love to every nice guy that came along. Her heart and intentions were pure in the beginning until she was scorned. From assault, to rape, to a broken heart her esteem began to crumble around her. In the pit of her heart was love but in the bowls of her soul was pure hurt. Secretly hated by her friends and mortally disrespected by her family only made a good girl turn bad. The question is will she make it out of the turbulent lifestyle of her upbringing or will she conquer all and beat off the demon’s that has nested in her DNA? In this next Novel Author S.Chameleon has once again managed to twist and turn lies and deceit into nasty little Dirty Secrets.



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